Mattel’s 4″ ‘Young Justice’ Robin

Last week we were taking a look at the newest additions to the 4″ Young Justice Line from Mattel.  This week it appears that Mattel has made the decision to cancel the ‘Young Justice’ figures, both the 4″ and 6″ line according to some posts by a Mattel employee on the MattyCollector message boards this past Friday.   I would imagine we will still get this assortment as they have already been tooled and manufactured.   To round out this coverage we’re going to finish up this wave with the Robin figure.

Robin is part of the new wave of single carded figures that we think will be shipping soon.  This new wave is a four figure wave with two members of the Young Justice team (Robin and Artemis) and two members of the Justice League (Superman and Hal Jordan Green Lantern).   These new singles do NOT have a collect-and-connect element to them like the original twelve figures in the line with the Hall of Justice pieces.  As a result, Mattel has reduced the size of the packaging to be similar to the JLU single figure package.  All figures in this wave come with a red tinted stand.

This is the third Robin we have gotten in the Young Justice line. The first was the regular, show accurate version that came in a 2-pack with Batman.  The 2nd was the stealth version.  This version Tim Drake Robin costume with the green tights and brighter costume colors.   I’m not sure yet if this will be his season 2 costume, or if Mattel just went for an easy repaint that made sense.  This version of Robin comes with his bo staff weapon.


This sample was provided by Mattel.

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