Mattel’s Masters Of The Universe ‘Temple of Darkness Sorceress’

Announced last year at PowerCon 2011 was Mattel’s first “touring” exclusive – “Temple of Darkness Sorceress.”  It’s an interesting idea to have a separate exclusive that can be available at some of the smaller cons both in the US and overseas.  It’s also an “easy win” in that it’s a straight repaint of an already existing figure.  They have announced a partial list of cons where they think this figure will be available.  We do know PowerCon 2012,  NYCC 2012 and one of the big German cons.

Temple of Darkness Sorceress comes with a unique accessory in the form of a new stand for the Orb of Grayskull (which came with King Grayskull).  She also comes with her staff.

Her wings are translucent, and she has some metallic/sparkly paint highlights on her headdress.

Below is the initial announcement that Mattel posted after Power Con 2011 about the TOD Sorceress figure.


“Traveling Convention” Figure: Temple of Darkness Sorceress®
This is an all-white redeco of the Sorceress, as she was shown in the vintage mini-comic “The Temple of Darkness.” She’ll arrive with her white magic staff and new Orb of Grayskull™ stand (the Orb itself was included with our King Grayskull® figure in fall 2010). This Sorceress will be our 2012 “traveling convention” figure, much like the three JLU 3-packs are for 2011. We haven’t locked down the itinerary yet, but we expect NYCC and Power-Con to be two of the shows we attend in 2012. Any unsold units of this special redeco of the Sorceress will be sold on in late fall 2012, but you can get her first at Mattel’s traveling shows! (P.S. She will not be sold at SDCC or in any subscription.)

Temple of Darkness Sorceress is available first at German “GRAYSKULL-CON” August 31st-Sept 2nd.

Then in Sept. at PowerCon 2012.  You can get your tickets for PowerCon 2012 here.
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