Mattel’s MOTUC Frosta

The next offering in the Masters of the Universe Classics, Princess of Power sub line is Frosta.  Frosta will be the October Club Eternia  figure and available for sale October 15th, 2012 on

This version of the character seems more heavily influenced by her Filmation animation appearance than her vintage toy counterpart.  Like most of the vintage  POP  figures from Mattel,  vintage Frosta had sparkly, soft goods costume pieces such as skirts and capes.  MOTUC has thus far steered away from any soft goods pieces, thus the MOTUC Frosta having a plastic, solid blue cape and plastic white skirt more in line with her animated counterpart.  She has a very Batgirl-like cape and her boots have the multiple  points also like the animated version.

The figure’s hair is cast in translucent blue plastic with a light white paint wash over it.  It’s a little difficult to capture in pictures, but a nice touch when you have the figure in hand.

Unfortunately she suffers from a case of “Mattel White.”   Mattel White has been a widespread issue in most of their 6″ figure lines for some time.  This is the phenomenon of characters that should have white on their costumes… the plastic is actually cast in a very dull gray.  So, while Frosta might be an “Ice Empress” there is clearly a lot of dirty snow in Eternia.

Frosta has the new MOTUC female buck we saw on the Star Sisters and similar articulation.

She come with an updated version of her magic, spinning whistle-wand (non-whistling), the head of which spins and is cast in translucent plastic.


Frosta is the October Club Eternia figure and will be on sale Oct. 15th on

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