Microsoft considering allowing users to resell digital games?

Tipster suggests survey could hint at possible new game marketplace; if true, users may be able to buy and sell digital games.


Microsoft may be considering the introduction of a virtual marketplace that could allow users to buy and resell Xbox One digital purchases, according to a reportedly leaked survey by a user on the NeoGAF forums.

While nothing has been confirmed--and the source, known mole, user "crazy buttocks on a train" (better known to the website’s community as CBOAT) acknowledges that the details are simply potential scenarios--if implemented, the concept could allow console owners to purchase and sell new and pre-owned digital games. According to the report, users may be offered virtual goods at a range of prices and with differing features, though no specifics were detailed. An undisclosed service fee may also be charged to the seller following a successful transaction through the system.

The survey the information supposedly comes from makes note that the service could be available through the console’s premium subscription service, and makes mention of both Xbox Live Gold and Sony’s PlayStation Plus service. The inclusion of the latter has prompted some users to conclude that the survey may have originated with a third-party publisher, retailer, or a contracted external marketing company rather than Microsoft itself.

Unconfirmed rumours surfaced earlier this week suggesting that the Xbox One could launch at retail on November 8, before later being retracted and pointing to an another window in November. CBOAT mocked the claims and noted in the forum post that Microsoft customer service staff are being called in on November 15 to coincide with the roll out of a new "Assisted Support Desktop" system for Xbox One. Its introduction will reportedly include a more robust security system designed to thwart Xbox account phishing attempts.

While CBOAT has previously correctly broken details about Microsoft’s platforms, as with any unofficial information, its authenticity remains unknown. GameSpot attempted to contact the poster, and will update if further information becomes available. A Microsoft spokesperson was unavailable for comment at time of publication.

Microsoft has so far only confirmed that the Xbox One will launch this November for $499/€499/£429/A$599.

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