Miley Cyrus And Her Dog Wear Matching Leopard Print Outfits, Because She Is THAT Kind Of Pet Owner (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus wears matching leopard print outfits with her dog Bean.

Miley Cyrus and her dog are in matching leopard print ensembles!

Being a super-famous person, Miley Cyrus could easily have a MILLION accessories to her name (maybe even an entire closet's worth), but we think her best accessories are her 87 million (and counting) dog collection. Just to get you up to speed (on the off chance you've fallen behind on your Miley dog count), the Cosmo cover girl's ever-expanding brood of doggies includes this dog, and this dog, and this dog, and this dog, and this dog, and this dog, and probably another six or seven others that we missed. And then of course there's Bean, the latest addition to the Cyrus Canine Clan (alliteration!), and the very lucky recipient of this leopard print dog jacket that just so happens to match Miley's leopard sweater! (We imagine that as a dog, the day you start matching with your owner is like, a big coming-of-age moment! Maybe kinda like a bat mitzvah or quinceañera?)

As she often does, Miley took to Twitter to brag about her and Bean's matching outfits: "Matching with Bean!" Although it's a pretty damn cute move to match with your pooch (and almost as cute as that one time Lady Gaga did it!), we have to wonder: How is this going to effect the overall dynamic of the canine clan? Do the other dogs get jealous? Are they allowed to borrow each other's clothes like sisters? Just saying, Miley, given the fact that you're basically living on a farm, you might wanna watch out for a full-on doggie revolution.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus

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