Miley Cyrus’ ‘LOL’ Trailer: 5 Key Scenes

Remake of 2008 French film finds Cyrus seeking revenge on a cheating ex-boyfriend.
By Fallon Prinzivalli

Miley Cyrus in "LOL"
Photo: Lionsgate

It's been a long time coming for Miley Cyrus' remake of the 2008 French film "LOL." Since the announcement back in 2010 that the film is being distributed by Lionsgate, news on the movie has been lacking. Well, not anymore, Cyrus fans.

On Tuesday, the official trailer for the film dropped, which gives fans a preview of what the movie has in store. In a generation that spends more time updating the world about their problems than their families, 17-year-old Lola's (Cyrus) status is constantly changing. As an attempt to get back at her — now ex — boyfriend Chad for cheating on her with Ashley (Ashley Greene), Lola starts seeing his best friend, Kyle (Douglas Booth).

Her life begins to spiral downward as her grades drop while she experiments with drugs and sex, and a divorce has her mom completely oblivious to it all. Soon she starts to fall for Kyle and things get even more complicated. The trailer is a great peek at the teen drama, and we have the five key scenes from it.

The trailer begins with Lola's voice over: "Every year it's weird going back to school, but here we are just going with the flow, trying to love and laugh out loud." She abruptly stops laughing when she calls out Chad on not texting her throughout the summer and he admits he hooked up with Lola's rival Ashley. She acts like she doesn't care, but as soon as she enters her room she begins crying on her bed. This emotional scene sets up the rest of the trailer.

A New Beginning
Lola quickly gets over her failed romance as she begins hanging out with Chad's best friend Kyle. A montage begins of their new friendship as they share a lollipop, rock out on an air guitar and come this close to kissing by his car. Everything is even more wonderful when he tells her, "You're amazing." We imagine audiences will quickly become fans of Booth.

"I can't believe I ever dated you!"
But the puppy love comes to a halt when Lola begins her sexual awakening. It seems rumors begin circulating when Chad says to Lola in the school courtyard, "Now that you're giving it up I figured maybe I could get some." The next scene shows Lola lashing out and pushing him into a gate screaming, "I can't believe I ever dated you!" The trailer isn't clear on what exactly causes the outburst, but we're betting it's pretty bad judging by Lola's reaction.

Trouble In Paradise?
As it turns out, Chad's comment is just the beginning of situations that spiral out of Lola's control. The next few scenes show a fight with her mom about her grades dropping and a drunken make-out session with Kyle. Her life gets even worse as she witnesses Kyle walking with his arm around Ashley. When she confronts him about it, he denies it and she spits out, "You're disgusting." But we already knew Greene's character would cause a stir when Demi Moore told MTV News "she's really saucy."

"Status can change, but true love remains the same."
Throughout the next montage of scenes, we see "status can change, but true love remains the same" typed out across the screen as Kyle dedicates a song to Lola and she makes up with her mom. Finally, as a smiling Kyle rests his head on an equally happy Lola, the trailer leaves us with the feeling that despite the craziness of high school, everything will work out for Lola in the end. After all, she did say she just goes with the flow and high school is only the beginning.

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