Miley Cyrus ‘Punks’ Her Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth! (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus seems like the perfect girlfriend -- that is, of course, until she full-on PUNKS her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth! Miley Cyrus is hosting an upcoming episode of MTV's "Punk'd," and of course she couldn't resist the urge to pull a mega prank on her dude. You gotta love a girl who's not scared to piss off her man.

Here's what went down: As Miley goes to get in her car during a date night with Liam, she sees two naked people hopping into the car. Miley screams, "Oh, my God, babe -- there are two naked people in my car right now." At which point Liam FREAKS the eff out and starts banging on the car window. He shouts, "Get out of the f***ing car right now!" We don't quite know how the episode ends yet, but we're thinking it gets worse before it gets better -- Liam is later shown heatedly discussing the situation with a cop. Eep!

Sorry, Liam, we know this must have been reeeeeally annoying for you, but can we all agree it was completely kind of hot watching the "Hunger Games" stud get all protective over his girl? I mean, dude's nostrils flared! Yo, Liam: Your ass got Punk'd! And we loved every second of it!

+ Watch a preview of Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth on "Punk'd," and catch the premiere March 29 on MTV.

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