Minecraft And Minecraft Dungeons DLC Packs Announced

Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons are both getting new DLC packs in the near future, and they couldn't be more different. The Minecraft DLC is based on the How to Train Your Dragon film series, while the Dungeons pack takes players deep underwater.

The How to Train Your Dragon pack adds a new area, the Barbaric Archipelago, which is the main location in the films. As you would expect from such DLC, you'll be able to tame and ride dragons, and the world will have a variety of activities to complete. In addition, the pack includes 24 new skins. It's available now on the Minecraft Marketplace for 1340 coins, which is roughly $8-9.

The Dungeons DLC, meanwhile, is titled Hidden Depths and takes place in the deep ocean. You'll have to manage oxygen levels while exploring and fighting against a corrupting influence. There's a number of new hazards and enemies as well, such as pufferfish.

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