MKTO Is Obsessed With Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos, Bizarre Socks, And Ellie Goulding (VIDEO)

10 Things I'm Obsessed With with MKTO.

Did you know that MKTO is obsessed with Cool Ranch Dorito Tacos? WELL, NOW YOU DO! 

Electro-pop/hip-hop/R&B outfit MKTO (that's singer Tony Oller and rapper Malcolm David Kelley) met on the set of TeenNick's "Gigantic" and have been IRL BFFs and musical collaborators ever since. Thanks to their bangin' single "Thank You" (think a perfect blend of Chiddy BangWallpaper., and a smidge of Outasight), the boys have been on our radar for well over a minute, and during that time, we got, how shall we say... A LITTLE CURIOUS. So of COURSE we arranged for a little tête-à-tête with MKTO so we could find about about all the things they're obsessed with: things like Cool Ranch Dorito tacos from Taco Bell, totally weird socks, and "Family Guy."

Watch MKTO's "10 Things I'm Obsessed With" after the jump. 

As it turns out, MKTO are just a couple of normal dudes who are into regular dude stuff! Malcom has an affinity for NBA 2K13 (that's a video game, nerds), while Tony may or not have a pair of bacon socks. Malcolm confessed his love for "Family Guy" (complete with a spot-on "Lois!" impression), and Tony rounded out the list by voicing his appreciation for the phrase "slowly but surely." Yep, you heard that right -- a totally swagged out bro is obsessed with a classic idiom. Whatever, roll with it. Tony also may or may not have mentioned his giant crush on Hangout Fest performer Ellie Goulding, after which he proceeded to "wave" to her and basically beg her to date him. (And how she could ever refuse after watching this video is beyond us.) Find out what else MKTO is obsessed with below!

 + Watch MKTO's "10 Things I'm Obsessed With."

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