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Stick with us for sneak peeks and inside details from the season's biggest films.
By MTV News staff

Christina Ricci and Robert Pattinson in "Bel Ami"
Photo: Magnolia Pictures

Make way for Captain America! Look out for Snow White! Here comes Spider-Man!

The 2011 summer movie season is about to begin, and with it, the return of familiar faces and the emergence of new ones. All week long during Summer Movie Preview Week, MTV News will be bringing you exclusive interviews, clips and photos for the most-anticipated films of the coming months. Get ready to gorge on inside looks at "The Avengers," Robert Pattinson's "Bel Ami," Kristen Stewart's "Snow White and the Huntsman," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and much more!

So consider this page your summer movie cheat sheet — the place you'll be able to check out all our exclusive content.

Exclusive "Battleship" Clip: Taylor Kitsch Gets Flirty With Brooklyn Decker
Having seen the CGI-heavy theatrics in "Battleship" trailers, it's time to take a look at the film's softer side. That's where MTV News' Summer Movie Preview comes into play, delivering an exclusive clip featuring Kitsch and his bodacious birthday wish, Decker.

"Rock of Ages" Spotlights a Tom Cruise You've Never Seen
This summer, the city — and the cinema — will be built on rock and roll when "Rock of Ages" packs its ax, journeying from Broadway to a theater near you. In anticipation of opening night, June 15, MTV News caught up with director Adam Shankman ("Hairspray") to chat about Tom Cruise's crazy work ethic, '80s nostalgia and the perils of working with a baboon.

Bruce Willis Back to His Action Tricks In "G.I. Joe: Retaliation"
From what we've seen thus far, "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" has a lot of things going for it. First, there's that killer trailer, and second, there's its cast of A-list action stars that includes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Bruce Willis. MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with the action legend recently, and we were able to glean some insider information from Willis regarding the specifics of his character, the expectedly kick-ass General Joseph B. Colton.

Chris Pine Leaves Action for Drama in "People Like Us"
Chris Pine and first-time director Alex Kurtzman have a few things in common. Both made names for themselves with large action movies like J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" and "Transformers." But the upcoming film "People Like Us" marks a distinct change for both men. It's the story of a young man who falls on hard financial times just as he learns that his recently deceased father has left a small fortune to a sister he doesn't know. MTV News spoke with Pine about the change of pace for him and what it was like working with co-star Elizabeth Banks.

Exclusive "Ted" Photo: Foul-Mouthed Teddy Bear Strikes Again
If parents (who clearly haven't watched the trailer) were tricked into thinking "Ted" would be a cute family film about Mark Wahlberg and his cuddly teddy, this new photo will clear up their confusion.

Exclusive "Brave" Photo: Princess Merida's Courage Is Tested
Whenever Pixar and Disney collaborate on a film, you can count us onboard. That's why we're excited to bring you this exclusive photo from their upcoming 3-D animated fantasy, "Brave," as Summer Movie Preview continues at MTV Movies.

"Spider-Man" Director Marc Webb Plays With "Amazing" Canon
Stop us if you've heard this one: Boy genius gets bit by a radioactive spider, gains superpowers, acts like a jerk for a while until his beloved uncle dies as a result, thereby inspiring him to start using his powers for good. A familiar tale, right? Those details — most of them, at least — remain firmly in place for "The Amazing Spider-Man," the upcoming cinematic reboot of the iconic Marvel superhero. But director Marc Webb wants you to know that there's much more to this new tale than meets the eye.

"Twilight" Star Ashley Greene Haunted By New Supernatural Flick
Before Ashley Greene dons her cropped locks and golden contacts in the final "Breaking Dawn" film, she'll fight for her life to escape a supernatural presence alongside Sebastian Stan in this summer's thrilling horror flick "The Apparition." For Summer Movie Preview Week, MTV News spoke with Greene about being haunted as opposed to haunting, the injuries she sustained on set and the scene she's most looking forward to in "Breaking Dawn."

Exclusive "Expendables 2" Photo: Don't Mess With Chuck Norris
Someone must have made some kind of mistake when they cast Chuck Norris in "The Expendables 2." By no means is he expendable. He's essential. He's Chuck Norris. As part of MTV News' Summer Movie Preview Week, our exclusive picture of Norris from the upcoming action-hero all-star game should be enough to convince you of that.

Exclusive "Moonrise Kingdom" Poster: Meet Cousin Ben!
Check out a first look at character Cousin Ben! The Wes Anderson film follows two twelve year olds who fall in love in the summer of 1965. They flee from their home island off the coast of New England and travel into the wilderness. As the Sheriff leads a search party to hunt them down, a storm approaches and their once peaceful home is shaken beyond anyone's control — which might be the town's saving grace. The all-star cast includes Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton and Jason Schwartzman, who plays Cousin Ben.

Robert Pattinson Goes Shirtless in Exclusive "Bel Ami" Clip
The clip opens in a boudoir with the mostly naked and slightly disheveled Clotilde de Marelle (Christina Ricci) lying in bed, post-tryst, posing a question to her equally scantily clad lover, Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson).

Joss Whedon Reveals His Favorite "Avengers" Character
One of the most intriguing aspects about the very highly anticipated and superhero-studded "Marvel's The Avengers" is in wondering how much the audience will see of each individual character, as well as what the actor in question has brought to the table in portraying a new side of their respective Marvel hero in the massive film. Director Joss Whedon recently kicked us the inside scoop.

"Bourne Legacy" Director Introduces Us to the Newly Matt Damon-Free Franchise
After seeing the first trailer, you might have thought "The Bourne Legacy" would be just another "spy with amnesia" movie. Director and co-writer Tony Gilroy wants you to know that you're very, very wrong.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gets Extreme in "Premium Rush"
Few actors can claim to have a 2012 quite as full of big movies as Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The 31-year-old actor isn't just reteaming with his "Inception" director, Christopher Nolan, for "The Dark Knight Rises," but he's also starring in one of the most talked-about releases of the year, "Looper," and preparing his directorial debut, "Don Jon's Addiction." On top of all that, this summer he'll headline "Premium Rush," an action film about a bike messenger caught up in a conspiracy.

It's Summer Movie Preview Week, and MTV News will be bringing you exclusive interviews, clips and photos for the most anticipated summer movies. Get ready to gorge on inside looks at "The Avengers," Robert Pattinson's "Bel Ami," Kristen Stewart's "Snow White," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and more!

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