MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Diggy

We've been on Diggy's steeze for a minute now, but it's time for the rest of y'all to start paying attention. He hails from the Simmons clan (he's Rev Run's kid -- that would be the Run from Run-D.M.C.) and Kanye's already given him a certified thumbs-up (on Twitter, no less). He's been applauded for his ambitious cover of Drake's "Over" as well as "Flow Stoopid," his freestyle track set to Nas' "Made You Look." After success with his first mixtape in 2009 and signing to Atlantic in 2010, Diggy's just released his debut album, Unexpected Arrival, late last month. Now it's dude's turn to take over on his own, and we have no problem sitting back and watching him dominate.

We sat down with Diggy to discuss everything from following in his dad's musical footsteps to where he came up with the name Unexpected Arrival. Diggy also opened up about his feelings on the current state of hip-hop, and he had some pretty poignant words of wisdom, especially coming from a 17-year-old: "There's so much diversity right now. I definitely feel like [the hip-hop scene] is bringing it back to what it used to be... So many people have substance in their lyrics... so I just think we're bringing it back to making great, substantial music." Uhh, I didn't even know what the word "substantial" meant when I was 17. Well done, Rev. You raised a good one.

+ Download a free copy of Diggy's "Do It Like You" featuring Jeremih, check out Diggy's live performance of "Two Up" below, and peep tons more videos and interviews after the jump.

Diggy on skipping his father's footsteps

Diggy on the current state of hip-hop

Diggy on Unexpected Arrival

Diggy on his mixtapes versus his album

Diggy, "4 Letter Word (Live)"

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