MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Imagine Dragons

Just when you were about to declare Kitty Glitter the best thing to come out of Las Vegas, we had to go and introduce you to Imagine Dragons. (Sorry/You're welcome.) TheĀ  four-piece's synthy dance-pop hit single "It's Time" is important for a couple reasons: 1.) The song is really effing good, and 2.) It's about time the band took off. After entering the recording studio in 2009 and leaving with two buzzed-about EPs, Imagine Dragons and Hell And Silence, Imagine Dragons paid their dues hitting the road, gaining a fair amount of notoriety on the West Coast. But it took producer Alex Da Kid (Rihanna, Eminem, Paramore) noticing them to really get the fire started (dragon pun) -- they were soon signed to Interscope Records and Alex produced their first full-length EP, Continued Silence, released digitally in February 2012. And we recently snatched them up for our mtvU Woodies Awards Festival.

We sat down with Imagine Dragons to talk all things music, why they chose to put the word "dragons" in their name (why wouldn't you?) and how keeping their home base Vegas isn't as weird as you think it might be: "Well [lead singer] Dan [Reynolds] is from Vegas, so that kind of made it easy. He also has like, 13 people in his family, so we figured why not start there because we already have 13 built-in fans." Interesting tactic, bros. Guilt the whole fam into supporting your creative endeavors! Works every time.

+ Download Imagine Dragons' "It's Time," watch Imagine Dragon's live performance of "It's Time" below, and check out more videos and interviews from the band after the jump.

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+ Imagine Dragons on "It's Time"

+ Imagine Dragons on Las Vegas

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+ Imagine Dragons, "Radioactive (Live)"

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