MTV’s Battle Of The Boy Bands Down To Final 8, The Jonas Brothers Take Down Hanson!

We've already spent a good chunk of time lamenting the devastating elimination of the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC on the official MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands roster, but got another kick in our teenybopper souls with the recent Final 8 announcement: The Jonas Brothers beat out Hanson! We're all about some solid sibling rivalry (and adore the Jonas Brothers more than you care to know) but "Where's the Love," guys!? Apparently, our own childhood memories of listening to "MMMBop" while feeding our Tamagotchis '90s nostalgia has no pull in this game.

If you're like us and obsessively into this competition, you best start examining the Final 8's every song, music video and Teen Beat spread to make some seriously educated choices on which group should take home the win -- the future depends on it! (And in case you're wondering, we get just as serious about real politics... we swear.)

+ Check out the full list of the 8 bands left in MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands after the jump, and cast your votes in Round 3 until noon ET on Wednesday, May 2. May the best boy band win!

1. Westlife
2. The Beatles
3. The Jonas Brothers
4. The Wanted
5. Big Time Rush
6. 5ive
7. One Direction
8. Mindless Behavior

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