MTV’s Battle Of The Boy Bands Down To Sweet 16, No Backstreet Boys Or NSYNC In Sight! What?!

Guys. Something bad happened. Well, in our opinion at least: We're down to the Sweet 16 in our EPIC Battle Of The Boy Bands, and the results are going to shock you. "Why," you ask? GREAT QUESTION. Because Backstreet Boys AND *NSYNC seem to be missing from the list ENTIRELY.

But that's how these fan tournaments work, guys. It's up to the fans to vote for the best boy band ever, and apparently us BSB and *NSYNC voters didn't cut the mustard. (Why is that a saying?) But the silver lining here is that there are still many bands in the running who we're pulling for (but obviously we can't let you know who... our secret!). Justice will prevail!

+ Check out the full list of the 16 bands left in MTV's Battle Of The Boy Bands after the jump, and cast your votes in Round 2 until noon on Monday, April 30. May the best boy band win! (Except BSB or *NSYNC.)

1. LFO
2. O-Town
3. Hanson
4. The Jonas Brothers
5. One Direction
6. The Wanted
7. Big Time Rush
8. Mindless Behavior
10. IM5
11. Westlife
12. 5ive
13. Boyz II Men
14. New Kids on the Block
15. The Beatles
16. The Monkees

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