Neon Hitch Spends The Day With Fans, Makes Them Over! (VIDEO)

How do we get a Neon Hitch fan makeover?

You might recognize Neon Hitch for her fire engine red hair or lack of clothes in her "Love U Betta" video, but just like all wacky British pop stars (?), homegirl has a softer side. She recently got the chance to meet some of her fans face-to-face, and we have the super adorable photos to prove it. We even have a video, because you kids these days need your videos and your Facebooks and your Twitters with everything. (Sorry, Drunk Uncle somehow got in that paragraph.)

Neon spent some QT with a few lucky fans -- she told them cute stories in her cute accent, and she even let them play with her face paint and headdresses! And then they all went outside and took photos together so the fans could prove that it really happened! JK, so they could have a fun bonding session with their fave artist. Pretty legit of you, Neon. Also, we'll take one of those headdresses if you have an extra lying around.

+ Check out more photos of Neon Hitch and her tribe after the jump, and watch a video of her hanging with some lucky fans below!

Credit all photos: Cressida Jade

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