New ‘Breaking Dawn’ Posters Are Here!

Fans unlocked three new posters of Bella, Edward and Jacob after an Internet scavenger hunt.
By Kara Warner

Bella's "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" poster
Photo: Summit Entertainment

"Twilight" fans received an early Christmas gift Thursday (May 24) in the form of three brand-new posters for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." Even better, the creative forces at Summit Entertainment released the posters through a scavenger hunt that required fans to visit their favorite fan sites.

Fans were tasked with finding clues within the text, which led to another web site with a scrambled word that had to be unscrambled in order to unlock the posters. Unsurprisingly, the dedicated and Internet-savvy fans were quick to acquire the "keys" to unlocking the posters.

Each poster features a close-up, artsy photo of one of the franchise's three biggest stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Pictured in character, they all stare fiercely into the camera. The only word on the posters is "Forever," which seems to be a direct nod to the final words in Stephenie Meyer's conclusion to her Twilight Saga.

Fans seem most delighted to see Bella's new vampire eyes, which are almost blood-red in the pic, a nice contrast to the amber color of Edward's eyes. Here is a collection of the expectedly ecstatic reactions on the official Twilight Facebook page:

"Love them!" commented fan Tweedy Sita Mahe. "And I love how they have their own poster. CAN WE HAVE A TRAILER NOW ? PLEASE !"

"So can't wait to see the movie. It is going to be awesome," wrote Lindsey Henderson. "Just wish we didn't have to wait forever. 6 months ugh."

"He's sexier now that he's married & a dad," tweeted a dedicated Team Edward fan Cat Galeano. "DILF."

What do you think of the new "Breaking Dawn" posters? Leave your comment below!

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