New in Marvel AR 2/6/13

New in Marvel AR 2/6/13

Have you taken the next step in your comics reading experience by experiencing Augmented Reality via the Marvel AR App for iOS and Android devices? If not, you’re missing out! Here’s Marvel Content Producer & Manager of the AR App Judy Stephens to give you the overview:

“The Marvel AR App brings new, exciting and free content to your print comics by using an iOS or Android device. To access any of the content, all you need is your phone/tablet, the app and an internet connection. Hold your device over the panel with the AR icon and watch the future unfold! With Marvel NOW!, we're kicking off a schedule of even more Marvel goodness for your eyes and ears! Each week stay tuned for bonus content including videos from the creators, original sketches & pencils, art evolutions, surprise celebrity appearances and more! 

Got an idea for a Marvel AR video or bonus content? Let us know on twitter @Marvel!”

Have you got your Marvel AR App downloaded and your iOS and Android ready to go? Then check out the exciting AR content available this week!


Cyclops of the original X-Men wanders out into the Marvel Universe and encounters Mystique in this new issue by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez! Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, stars of Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele,” weigh in with their thoughts on the X-Men, plus Marquez demonstrates a proper aikido throw!


Jonathan Hickman and Adam Kubert shine the spotlight on the new Smasher! Get all the relevant flashback details and hear from Kubert on designing the character.


It’s a new adventure for Valkyrie and Misty Knight as Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney introduce their take on the Defenders! Sliney provides both an introduction to the series and an Art Evolution while various Marvel editors pitch who they think belong on the team.


Tony Stark has gone out of this world in the first chapter of “Godkiller” by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land! Gillen shares his thoughts on the creative team along with sketches for Iron Man’s latest armor.


It’s up to the Illuminati to hold back the end of reality as Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting continue their epic! Get the full scoop on Parallel Worlds Science from Doctor Oberg as well as a crash course on the Infinity Gauntlet.


Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman pit the new Spider-Man against his first major foe—and old friend—the Vulture! Colorist Edgar Delgado steps up to the play to talk about his role in the creative process.


The situation continues to get more intense for Red Hulk’s team as Daniel Way and Steve Dillon bring Madman into play! Way gives his take on Venom and Elektra.

Want a taste of AR for yourself? Check out this video of Key & Peele talking about ALL-NEW X-MEN #7…

Each Marvel NOW! comic with Marvel AR also features a special look at what’s led up to the issue and what to expect within that you can access just by aiming your device at the cover. And don’t forget to pick up the AVENGERS VS. X-MEN hardcover collection, on sale now with over 100 AR Executions!

Enjoy this week’s AR, and we’ll see you next week for another round!

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