New Information About Mattel’s SDCC Exclusive Offerings

There have been a lot of questions pop up today surrounding the announcement so Toy Guru reached out with a message to help clarify a few things about Mattel’s SDCC 2012 convention exclusive reveals earlier today:

“Hey DC fans, I’ve been on the boards and have seen a lot of questions about the new 8″ Death SDCC Staction figure. She is articulated at the waist, shoulders and neck, but really is a statue on a base. (a super cool amazing statue- of Death herself!)

To clear up any questions, this is not a figure from the DC 6″ world. Now that we have The DC Signature Series through Club Infinite Earths on, we have the freedom to explore lots more DC 6″ executions without retail restrictions (such as pricing and shelf size). This new freedom allowed us to use SDCC to explore new form factors to collect the heroes and villains of the DCU from every era Golden Age to New 52.

We wanted to kick off a Staction execution with a character that had never been done in 6″ (yet…) and would appeal to the SDCC crowd. Our Tiny Titans 5 pack is also a great tribute to the series and a fun way to collect ultra cute interpretations of the DCU (well the Titans…).

The 6″ line is doing great and will kick off online in 2 weeks with Flash 1 May 15 at noon Eastern.

We also have an amazing Dark Knight Movie Master SDCC item to reveal soon (just making some last min adjustments to ensure the lights and sounds work right in the package and all decos are correct!). This one will blow your mind!

Lots more is in store and look for all the latest at our Fan Panels at SDCC (date TBD). See you at the show!”

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