New MOTUC Carded Images – SlushHead and The Mighty Spector

I just realized I has this saved as a draft and ever actually posted it last week- Last week Mattel updated MOTUC fans with carded images of the latest carded samples to come into their offices – Slush Head and The Mighty Spector.   The posted these to the official Facebook page.


Hey He-Fans!

Just got in two new carded MOTUC figs. Both Slushhead and The Mighty Spector will be available in May only on!


Slushead from the front. His claw arms are not bendy but are articulated at the claws.

Slushhead's bio is mostly a pick up from his vintage cardback with minor needed tweaks.

He will be available in May 2012 as part of the Club Eternia Subscription along with Stinkor (there is no April basic Club figure, only the A list variant of TP He-Man and 30th fig Draego Man). Additional day-of stock will be available for non sub holders.


Loyal Time Agent and all around swell guy Mighty Spector in all his carded glory. Note that this pack out has been adjusted slightly so his head is turned a bit more center. About a 1/3rd turn, not a 1/2 as pictured.

The secret origins of The Mighty Spector - at long last revealed.

Spector is part of the 30th anniversary sub and will ship in May 2012 only on Additional limited day-of stock will be available for non sub holders.

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