New MOTUC Pachaged Images – Griffin, Horde Prime, Snake-Man-At-Arms

Today over on their Facebook page Mattel showed off the latest packaged samples they got in from overseas.

We had to wait in line while the Mattel Photo lab was backed up with some internal shows, but we finally got the latest MOTUC figures shot in package for your viewing pleasure!

July figures coming soon as well! Enjoy!


Griffin all packed out and ready to take flight only on!

All new bio for Griffin. And we confirmed Beast Man will go on sale the same day if you need a rider for your new flying beast!

Horde Prime is ready to conquer the universe! Packed out with his face covered. You’ll see the full face once you open the figure!

Even Horde Prime’s bio is missing his face! You’ll need to get the toy to see the mystery!

Man-At-Arms transformed by the evil power of the Serpent ring. He would have been a major season 3 villain in the 200X series, but now making his debut in the Classics line – including issue 2 of the all new 30th mini comic!

The origin and ending of Snake-Man-At-Arms revealed!

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