New Mutants: After Exiled

New Mutants: After Exiled

By Ben Morse

The Exiled crossover between JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and NEW MUTANTS continues this week and for the remainder of May, but once the dust clears, writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning promise business as usual—meaning wild romance, crazy action, and general insanity—will resume for the cast of the latter title.

New Mutants #44 inked preview art by Leandro Fernandez

“It’s actually quite neatly bound into the stuff we’ve been building around [the New Mutants] and their lives in San Francisco, so it definitely won’t have that feeling of the book’s continuity to make way for an event,” says Lanning of the current story. “Exiled, with all its Asgardian fun, sets them up for the stupendous arc that comes next—arcs plural actually.”

NEW MUTANTS #44, due out June 20, will kick off the three-part “Fear the Future,” guest starring Doctor Strange and the Defenders.

“Something’s up, and the Defenders intend to defend against it, like they do,” previews Abnett. “The New Mutants are right at the heart of it all. There are some pretty big surprises and reveals coming along.

New Mutants #44 inked preview art by Leandro Fernandez

“The Defenders are all serious and grown up; there’s some amusement to be had when they all hang out in the New Mutants’ house.”

“Fear the Future” as well as the subsequent “Fight the Future” running issues #47 through #49 will bring the New Mutants back to their mandate of resolving the X-Men’s “unfinished business” in a big way.

“That’s where the next arc goes plus the stories we’re building up to issue #50,” affirms Lanning. “You know how we like to do stories and then only later on you realize how significant bits of those stories were in the long term? Like that.”

“Exactly what the ‘unfinished business’ they’ve got to finish next will take you by surprise,” adds Abnett. “You’d be amazed what sort of business isn’t finished yet. But will be. And when it is, what a problem that will be. And was. Sorry, was that confusing?”

In addition to action and intrigue, soap opera of the mutant variety will continue to infest the pages of NEW MUTANTS, be it Magma’s taboo affair with Mephisto or the burgeoning relationship between Dani Moonstar and Nate Grey. That second development will prove of great interest to former team leader Cannonball, who left his own situation with Dani unresolved, and who will be returning to the book along with Karma, Blink and others.

“It’s all romance from here,” teases Abnett. “Romance is the very heart of it. And kissing.”

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