New Song: Adam Lambert, ‘Never Close Our Eyes’

Listen to Adam Lambert's new single, 'Never Close Our Eyes.'

O HAI there, Adam Lambert! You're looking mighty fine and bad-ass (and may we say borderline Jared Leto-y?) on the cover art for your new single, "Never Close Our Eyes." Sporting some perfectly coiffed rocker hair and superdope glasses, Adam looks like he could sing the ish outta any rock song and make it home in time for Shabbat dinner. (That's not even weird cause he's actually Jewish.)

Listen to Adam Lambert's "Never Close Our Eyes" after the jump.

Slated to appear on Adam's forthcoming album Trespassing (due out May 15), "Never Close Our Eyes" was written and produced by Bruno Mars and Dr. Luke, which pretty much guarantees it's going to No. 1 any minute now. That, and the fact that Adam's vocals on this record are RIDIC. Set to a pop-rooted dance beat, Adam's rock-tinged pipes carry the entire song as he sings about staying awake 24/7 to enjoy the hell out of his life: "There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die/ So let’s just stay awake until we grow older/ If I had my way we’d never close our eyes/ Our eyes, never!" Yo, if I was a celebrity and could ball out with other famous peeps, order unlimited champagne and wear as many designer clothes as I wanted, I'd totally try and stay up all the time, too. But I'm sipping on semi-flat seltzer and wearing a top from Zara, so I'm probably gonna pass out tonight at like, 10:30.

+ Listen to Adam Lambert's "Never Close Our Eyes."

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