New Song: B.o.B., ‘So Hard To Breathe’

B.o.B.'s forthcoming album, Strange Clouds, is crazy-stacked with cameos: Morgan Freeman (!!!), Lil Wayne and a killer Taylor Swift country/hip-hop record. But today we're bringing you one of B.o.B.'s solo tracks, "So Hard To Breathe." Unlike Bobby Ray's lighthearted "So Good," "So Hard To Breathe" speaks of the uglier side of fame and the loneliness that accompanies it.

Listen to B.o.B.'s "So Hard To Breathe" after the jump. 

Always the genre-bender, set to a guitar driven hip-hop track, "So Hard To Breathe" sounds like an alt-rock-meets-hip-hop record. Led by a haunting guitar melody, in his signature flow B.o.B. explains, "Since day one I said f*** the fame and everything it dealt/ But the fame is really here just to facilitate the wealth/ But the wealth attracts you haters like mosquitoes to a well/ And the water's getting deeper so I'm well set out to sail.../ As I'm flipping over furniture, knocking s*** off the shelf/ I told myself I'll never get too deep not to take a breath/ But I’m sinking."

Normally we don't love it when celebrities complain about their fame or their wealth, but when B.o.B. does, it feels totally genuine. Thankfully, he's not bemoaning running out of Cristal, but rather the emotional hurdles one struggles to overcome while adjusting to celebrity. Personally, I think I'd do just fine preordering the entire Spring 2012 Chanel collection and flying private. So if you ever feel the need to relieve yourself of some of that wealth, dawg, feel free to send some my way. I can tooootally handle it.

+ Listen to B.o.B.'s "So Hard To Breathe." 

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