New Song: Beyonce, ‘Grown Woman’

Listen to Beyonce's "Grown Woman" track in full.

After previews upon previews, Beyoncé's "Grown Woman" is finally here in full!

It's been a loooong road to "Grown Woman." We initially got a teeny tiny taste of Beyoncé's latest track in her EPIC Pepsi Ad, then we got a TINY bit more when an extended preview surfaced. Now, Beyoncé has unleashed her entire "Grown Woman" (er, if "unleashed" is code for "leaked"), and it's seriously better than we could've ever dreamed! But then again, when is a Beyoncé dream anything but perfect?

Listen to Beyoncé's "Grown Woman" after the jump.

Set to an empowering, thumping, chaotic, tribal beat, "Grown Woman" is a homage to both Beyoncé's inimitable falsetto and the fact that she's a powerhouse diva who doesn't give an eff what anyone thinks! She'll do precisely what she wants and own that ish all day long: "I can be bad if I want/ I could do wrong if I want/ I can live fast if I want/ I go slow if I want/ I'm a grown woman." YES, YOU ARE. And, oddly enough, grown women can have babies! More than one, perhaps? Might be something to consider? Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to listen to "Grown Woman" on repeat while calling all of our exes with a polite but firm: "BEYONCE SEZ EFF OFF."

Listen to Beyoncé's "Grown Woman." 

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