New Song: Cee Lo Green Featuring Lauriana Mae, ‘Only You’

Cee Lo begs his girl for another chance on his latest track "Only You."

Cee Lo begs his girl for another chance on "Only You."

If we've learned anything from Cee Lo Green, it's that dude is NOT shy about hiding his feelings. He gets paid to say exactly what he thinks on "The Voice," and it's pretty clear that subtlety doesn't fall high on the priority list with a song like "F*** You." Now it's possible Cee Lo's said too much, because he is DETERMINED to take back some stupid things he said to his girl in "Only You." Hey, Cee Lo, we totally respect that you're trying to do the right thing here. It's Heartbreak Hotel in our office these days, what with Taylor Swift looking sad on a boat after breaking up with Harry Styles, and the #SADZ4DAYS Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez split (but we're slowly healing -- promise. Any day now...).

Listen to Cee Lo Green featuring Lauriana Mae's "Only You" after the jump.

Unlike Justin or Harry Styles, however, we think Cee Lo may still have a chance at romance. "Only you can make me smile in the pouring rain/ and you can take the hurt right out of my pain," soul-jazz crooner Lauriana Mae reflectively coos while Cee Lo answers right back: "And I know I could try/ To fill the space inside with somebody else/ But there's no you." Aww, see? These two may still have a shot! We've got to believe that love can still conquer all, especially after the month we've had. But hey, when things get really rough, at least we'll always have the Beyoncé and Jay-Z gold standard. And they're NEVER allowed to break up because then we would officially have to call in sick and spend the day pantsless nursing a KFC Famous Bowl.

Listen to Cee Lo Green featuring Lauriana Mae's "Only You."

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