New Song: Cee Lo Green, ‘I’m A Man’

Cee Lo reminds us of his dudely nature in his new song "I'm A Man."

As if there weren't already enough reasons for us to go see "Sparkle" (Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, and did we mention Whitney Houston?!), we can now add Cee Lo Green's jazzy new record "I'm A Man" to the growing list. Slated to appear on the "Sparkle" soundtrack, Cee Lo calls in the brass section who jam their way through his Motown-era inspired tune.

Listen to Cee Lo Green's "I'm A Man" after the jump. 

The clear winner of the R&B vocals game, Cee Lo's soulful pipes rise above the horns as he tries to help us gals understand: "There’s so many ladies that need love/ Oh I’ll do the best I can/ But if the morning comes, and I’m not there/ Then darling, please understand that I’m a man.” As much as it pains us, we get it and actually appreciate Cee Lo's attempt at writing the musical version of "He's Just Not That Into You." Then again, us ladies could just withhold that "special attention and affection," and you'll see what happens to these so-called "men." (Just as an experiment, of course.) "Sparkle" won't hit theaters until Aug. 17, but you can stream the full soundtrack here.

+ Listen to Cee Lo Green's "I'm A Man" and stream the full "Sparkle" soundtrack.

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