New Song: Cheryl Cole, ‘Telescope’

The amount of times we've listened to Cheryl Cole's "Call My Name" is almost as embarrassing as the number of times we've image-searched Harry Styles on Google. So you can imagine our excitement when we got word that "Telescope," a B-side from Cheryl's forthcoming A Million Lights album, has surfaced.

Listen to Cheryl Cole's "Telescope" after the jump.

As opposed to the uptempo, club-ready "Call My Name," "Telescope" is a soft and gentle ballad that has Cheryl lamenting over a man she's lost. Carried by a haunting piano melody, Cheryl pines for her dude and recalls the heartbreaking moment when she realized he was with someone else: "I'm in the room, and you're in the bed with her/ I see the unseen, and I am feeling just like a telescope." We're still unsure of what kind of extremely confused man would pick ANY woman over Cheryl, but if this kind of heartache inspires her to write stunning ballads, then I guess there's a reason for everything? Actually, not even -- dude's still a giant DB.

Listen to Cheryl Cole's "Telescope." 

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