New Song: Childish Gambino featuring Beck, ‘Silk Pillow’

Childish Gambino and Beck are getting weird together.

Childish Gambino's had some big collaborators before, but the rapper-actor-superhero's latest team-up is on some "Avengers" ish. On the new banger "Silk Pillow," Childish Gambino -- A.K.A. "Community" star Donald Glover, duh -- roped in Beck (Beck!) to drop some rhymes, the first rapping we've heard from the alt-rocker since 2006's The Information.

Listen to Childish Gambino's Beck-assisted "Silk Pillow" after the jump.

Dude's as great and wacky as ever: "Standing in your office/ Trying to speak to some anacondas/ Eking solace from the sawdust while your doppelgänger stands topless," he rhymes in verses that had us reaching for our Odelay CD for more vintage surrealist wordplay. Gambino comes correct as well: "Don't mess your head up/ Still run with these young bucks/S till running on jet fuel/ Still pimping on what-what," he drops before delivering a line about "b*****s drinking Kombucha." Yo, don't mess with our probiotics, Glover -- we bet even rapper-comedians get tummy-aches sometimes.

Beck and Glover co-produced the oddball beat, which offers solemn piano chords and ghostly vocals ooh-ing along behind the rhymes before closing with a fuzzy synth breakdown. At just four minutes, this collab definitely needs a sequel or 10. Will Beck smang it out with Gambino's "F*** Your Blog" pals Young Humma and Flynt Flossy in "Silk Pillow 2"? Will Glover rap on the next Stephen Malkmus album? Fingers and doppelgänger fingers crossed.

+ Listen to Childish Gambino and Beck's "Silk Pillow."

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