New Song: Ciara, ‘Wake Up, No Make-Up’

Ciara teams with Future on new song "Wake Up, No Make-Up"

Ciara and Future team up on "Wake Up, No Make-Up."

Ciara and Future may or may not be dating, but they've definitely been holed up in the studio together making sweet, sweet music. (Gross, our apologies.) After collaborating on a remix of CiCi's single "Sorry",  the maybe-couple have just unleashed a brand-new track called "Wake Up, No Make-Up." As in, waking up and not immediately running to the bathroom to apply your under-eye concealer before the person lying next to you sees your morning face. Which incidentally, may or may not still have last night's mascara still caked on it. Aaaaaand TMI.

Listen to Ciara's "Wake Up, No Make-Up" after the jump.

Co-written by Future and Ciara, "Wake Up, No Make-Up" is rumored to appear on Future's new mixtape, F.B.G.: The Movie, out Jan. 15. Set to a gritty, Mike Will-produced track, Ciara actually does her share of rapping before nailing the melodic chorus: "I'm about to put it on ya/ Now don't you say I didn't warn ya/ You know the way I ride it." Sure, that might be a liiittle forward, but hey, a good man is hard to come by, and we respect Ciara's candor! Also, Ciara knows the right/best guy will adore your puffy morning face, under-eye bags and all.

Listen to Ciara's "Wake Up, No Make-Up." 

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