New Song: Cody Simpson Featuring T-Pain, ‘So Listen’

Unless you're listening to Cody Simpson's heartbeat, you're not actually listening to Cody Simpson. At least according to his latest T-Pain-assisted single "So Listen." The Australian heartthrob goes in a decidedly funkier, more hip-hop direction on his new track that also marks the reunion of T-Pain and his beloved Auto-Tune.

The newest single off of Cody Simpson's upcoming album (due out this summer) finds Cody asking his main girl to put her game of Words With Friends down and actually listen to what he's saying. (Um, aren't dudes the ones with listening problems? Pretty sure that's like, a scientific fact.) Over a grimy midtempo beat, Cody sings (with a bit of Bieber swag), "I'd like to think you understand me/ But I never really like to assume/ So you never have to ask me/ I'ma let my actions tell you the truth." You're on the right path, young Cody Simpson. As my dad always said, "Actions speak louder than words." (And unrelated, "Don't trust a man with no lips.")

Listen to Cody Simpson's T-Pain-assisted "So Listen" after the jump.

T-Pain jumps on the track next, and he returns to his tried-and-true production tool Auto-Tune. (He apparently gave it up back in June 2011, but I guess that was a big, fat lie!) "Baby, I need you to listen/ Open up your ears/ Pay attention/ Let go of your fears." We're not saying we weren't into T-Pain's raw voice, but T-Pain and Auto-Tune go together like... Sunday afternoons and "Snapped" marathons -- perfectly.

Check out Cody Simpson on the road this summer with Big Time Rush on the "Big Time Summer Tour."

+ Listen to Cody Simpson's "So Listen," featuring T-Pain.

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