New Song: Conor Maynard Featuring Rita Ora, ‘Better Than You’

Rita Ora and Conor Maynard get their flirt on in "Better Than You."

We first told you about Conor Maynard, or the U.K.'s Justin Bieber (as EVERYONE everywhere likes to call him), when we buzzed about him back in May. He then searched EVERYWHERE for the love of his life in his "Vegas Girl" video. And now he's totally getting his flirt on with U.K. songstress (and Jay-Z's protege) Rita Ora on their collaboration, "Better Than You." What? Dude gets around.

Listen to Conor Maynard's "Better Than You" featuring Rita Ora after the jump. 

Set to a electro/hip-hop beat, Conor begins by taunting Rita and letting her know that he's on to her: "I can tell that you’re watching me/ And I know you’re loving everything that you see/ The way I got you goin’ crazy/ I’ll make you wanna dance with me.” ORLY, Conor? You sure about that? Because Rita is all like: "Take a picture, but you ain’t getting 3D/ Boy, slow down, come here/ So you say that you’re better than me?/ If I take it all off, bet you like what you see.” Dayum guys, them's fighting words! Or at least some weird sort of mating ritual that happens at night in clubs. Either way, we'd bet some hard-earned dough these two will end up hooking up. MUSICALLY SPEAKING, of course...

+ Listen to Conor Maynard's "Better Than You" featuring Rita Ora

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