New Song: Demi Lovato, ‘Aftershock’

Bonus round for all Lovatics! Allow us to present you with "Aftershock," a new Demi Lovato track that you're definitely going to wish was included on the U.S. release of her album. Sucks for us, but "Aftershock" was only included as a bonus track on the Japanese deluxe version of Unbroken. Um, hello, discrimination -- American fans would clearly die for this song, too!

"Aftershock" is an uptempo, raucous dance song laden with sugary pop synths and thick beats. In the record, Demi sings of her new man and how insanely crazy he makes her: "Lovestruck/ My heart is overheating and it won't stop/ I try to slow the beating, but you're so hot/ The tremors keep repeating and I tell myself keep breathing/ But I'm caught in your aftershock." Against the driving beat, Demi goes in hard on the hook and her booming vocals once again secure her spot at the top of the game.

Listen to Demi Lovato's "Aftershock" after the jump.

We're not trying to be greedy here or anything, but would it kill Team Lovato to allow the American Lovatics to have a listen to Demi's hidden gems? I mean, what's a girl gotta do -- fly a million hours to Japan to get her hands on the full Demi catalog? Anyone up for an impromptu vacay? My treat.

+ Listen to Demi Lovato's "Aftershock."

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