New Song: Escort, ‘Barbarians’


NYC disco kings Escort return with a triumphant new single, "Barbarians."

Disco is BACK, in case anyone was wondering, and it comes in the form of Brooklyn's 17-piece mirror ballers, Escort. Don't look at us like that! Disco is COOL again, and here's why: First, there's Daft Punk's Nile Rodgers-assisted "Get Lucky," which OK, that's an obvious one, but disco-funk's been popping up in all sorts of other places -- just look to Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu's funky feminist banger, "Q.U.E.E.N." So, clearly disco never died; it just took a disco nap (HAD TO SAY IT), and Escort's helping to wax the mirror ball with "Barbarians," the band's first cut since 2012's Escort Remixed and their 2011 eponymous LP.

Listen to Escort's "Barbarians" after the jump.

Part of an upcoming singles package dropping June 25 featuring remixes from CSS, Rance Muhammitz, and an extended dub, "Barbarians" opens with frontwoman Adeline Michele proclaiming "Stand up/ Stand up/ Bang your drum / Ba-ba-barbarians" over a funk-tinged track. Led by triumphant, pounding drums 'n' cowbell (insert your preferred "MORE COWBELL" joke here), Michele's 16 other bandmates answer with an echoing chorus of "Stand up/ Stand up." Aaaand all we need now is a multi-colored club floor, John Travolta in bell-bottoms, a roller rink, and a Pure Disco II dance party. Ready whenever you are.

Keep the ball spinning on Friday, May 24, when Escort perform at Brooklyn's Music Hall Of Williamsburg.

+ Listen to Escort's "Barbarians."

Photo credit: Dennis Manuel

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