New Song: Eyes Lips Eyes, ‘Don’t Blow It’

Eyes Lips Eyes: eight eyes, four lips, one big party.

More cowbell? Eyes Lips Eyes will do that. The Utah-turned-L.A. quartet's "Don't Blow It" is a wild indie rock dance party... which was, in fact, mostly recorded during an actual dance party in their downtown warehouse. The band's Friday-night-in-late-July vibes definitely come through on the new track, which sounds like the B-52s had a few frozen drinks and played spin the bottle with The Rapture and then crashed James Murphy's DJ set on the S.S. Coachella.

Guitarist Spencer Peterson drops squiggly lead lines over Aaron Hatch and Thomas Carroll's thumping rhythm section, while singer Tony Hello gets hilariously mock-dramatic: "It's not too late to exfoliate!" he yelps. (That's exactly what we always say!) It's kinda nice to hear an indie act that trades in too-cool-for-school seriousness for hand claps and a sick bass line. Eyes Lips Eyes: definitely not blowing it.

The band's What You Want (If You Want) EP lands Aug. 21 on Roll Call Records/ILG, with a full-length expected in 2013. "Don't Blow It" should pretty much handle your party jam needs until then.

+ Listen to Eyes Lips Eyes' "Don't Blow It."

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