New Song: Future Featuring R. Kelly, ‘Parachute’

R. Kelly doesn't just guest on anyone's track, so you know Future must be working with some legit skillz in order to make R. want to lay down a verse for him. For those who might not know, Future is an ATL rapper who's colloab'd with Drake and T.I. and is trying his darndest to make 2012 the second coming of Auto-Tune. And apparently R. Kelly's a fan, so it's time to jump on this dude.

Listen to Future featuring R. Kelly, "Parachute," after the jump.

There's a certain je ne sais quoi that only R. Kelly can bring to a track, and by "je ne sais quoi," we mean "lunacy." The traditional English language is for peasants! Why call it an "iPhone" when you can call it an "Apple phone," R. makes us ask ourselves. He also has us questioning how an ass can sing acapella, but we're thinking only Kels has the key to unlock the answer to that one. As for the rest of the track, Future brings the club beats -- it's sparse and a little grimy, and it definitely needs an Escalade's subwoofer to truly be appreciated.

As much as we love to poke fun at Kells (for realz though, we legit love the Robert), you can't deny how hot this jam is. It reminds me of R.'s 2003 classic "Snake (Remix)," which brings me back to a very magical and drunken time in my life (college). #RKellyForever

+ Listen to Future featuring R. Kelly, "Parachute." (Language NSFW.)

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