New Song: Gold Fields, ‘Happy Boy’

Check out Gold Fields' brand-new track, "Happy Boy."

Gold Fields evaluate what it is to be "Happy" on their brand-new single.

We've officially been obsessed with Aussie dance-rock darlings Gold Fields ever since we caught the five-piece opening for Astralwerks labelmates Diamond Rings late last year. And although the guys were draped in hoodies and low light, their booming brand of earwormy, synthed-out melodies were reason enough to jump on the bandwagon with a quickness. Now, not only have we nominated them as one of MTV's "Artists To Watch" for 2013 but the five piece has been making tsunami-sized waves amongst music types, winning praise from outlets like Billboard, Vice, and even the New York Times.

After premiering their tribal-themed "Dark Again" video, the Buzz On alum have just dropped their brand-new single, "Happy Boy," the first track off of their forthcoming full-length debut, Black Sun (out Feb. 26).

Listen to Gold Fields' "Happy Boy" after the jump.

"I'm going to be happy," Gold Fields chant repeatedly over a hooky drumbeat lined with prominent bass notes, lending the song a pensive, self-analytical tone. Per Gold Fields' style, the track builds on itself with bongo drums and upbeat synths (we know -- bongo drums and synths? Interesting...) as the band continues: "Because when I walk out of here, this place won't change. If I storm out of here, heaven's face won't change." "Happy Boy" evolves into a full-on dance party breakdown, pieced together with a storm of tribe-pop elements before slowing down and drawing to a close with echoey-sad violin.

So, can this epic cut tide us over till Black Sun surfaces in February? Not sure yet (we're not what you'd call "patient"), but between this, "Dark Again," and "Treehouse," we should at least have enough material for a PERFECT late-winter dance party. (Bongos welcome.)

+ Listen to Gold Fields' "Happy Boy."

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