New Song: JoJo, ‘Demonstrate’

JoJo gets freaky, and we're fine with it.

Turn the lights down, boys and girls: Queen JoJo is back with "Demonstrate," a new cut that's some of the swooniest, sultriest bump-n'-grind slow-burning R&B ish we've ever heard. Shall we demonstrate the ways?

First off, the track is produced by Noah "40" Shehib, a frequent Drake collaborator who's also worked with Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys. 40 (is it too informal if we call him that?) also produced JoJo's gorgeously bitter viral cover of "Marvin's Room," and he lends that same fine-tuned sonic sparsity to "Demonstrate." It's a dramatic departure from the spunky guitars of her last single, the anthemic pop-rock gem "Disaster," but it's also a smart move given the rising popularity of R&B minimalism (see: Kelly Rowland's "Motivation," Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy," and Usher's "Climax" for more).

Listen to JoJo's "Demonstrate" after the jump.

As usual, Jo's vocals are chillingly on point, but the lyrics are some of her most mature to date. "This pressure all inside of me, this sexual anxiety," she sings over provocatively plucked guitars. "Lately there's a lot of freaky s*** running in my mind that I can't say/But I know I can demonstrate." Ooh, child! We won't be a bit surprised if this blows up the R&B charts when it drops on iTunes August 28.

JoJo: Still more grown than the rest.

+ Listen to JoJo's "Demonstrate."

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