New Song: JoJo, ‘We Get By’


We Get By" has JoJo singing a whole new tune, and we like it!

JoJo has officially stepped outside the pop princess box. (Let's have a quick moment of silence to acknowledge the flawlessness of "Leave (Get Out)," shall we?) In just the last year alone, JoJo's revealed her confident (and VERY sexy) side in "Demonstrate," vulnerable side in "Disaster," and emotional side in her cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room." And finally, JoJo's new sound has culminated in her latest song, "We Get By," the first single to drop from her forthcoming mixtape, Agápe. (That's the Classical Greek word for spiritual love, guys.)

Listen to JoJo's "We Get By" after the jump.

JoJo's new sound (dubbed "genreless" by the song's producers, The Backpackkids) doesn't mimic any of her previous hits but instead thrives in its own unique, funky hip-hop beat with an occasional energetic jazz riff. The airy-sexy, "just gonna shake it off" vibe carries in to lyrics that are confident yet confused, and even has the singer in a philosophical mood: "When I leave this place, will anybody really miss me?" Despite such defeatist statements, JoJo remains confidently optimistic and even inspirational. She sings, "I know it will be OK/ I believe in myself." Now, please excuse me while I blare this song through my headphones while I go take a "haters gonna hate" strut around my neighborhood.

+ Listen to JoJo's "We Get By."

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