New Song: Ludacris, ‘Jingalin”

We're not ashamed to admit that we've missed Ludacris a little. So obvs we were thrilled when we got word that the Dirty South rapper was back with "Jingalin,'" a song about appreciating a woman's extra large behind. Huzzah!

Produced by Da Internz (Rihanna's "Birthday Cake (Remix)") "Jingalin'" is a bass heavy song that repeats its title about 8,000 times. From what we gather, "Jingalin'" is a new term coined by Ludacris to signify the jiggling movement made by extremely large... butts. If our speculation doesn't sound quite right, then take Luda's word for it: "She jingalin’/ She too legit/ She seems to know/ Just what to do with it/ She proud of it/ Other women gotta really acknowledge it/ 'Cause when she hit that stripper pole/ Her booty swallow it." Dayummmm, son.

Does the world really need another song about a big butt? Definitely Probably not, though we're totally thankful that Luda appreciates a woman with some curves! Guess I don't have to feel as badly about the giant pan of lasagna I ate last night after all.

Listen to Ludacris' "Jingalin.'" 

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