New Song: Nas, ‘The Don’

Nas is back with more hard-hitting hip-hop on "The Don."

Nas may not be getting cray like Yeezy and Hov these days, but the MC still lays claim to hip-hop's throne. "The Don" is his latest royal edict, a fire-breathing three minutes of flawlessly rhymed boasts. "20 years in this game/ looking 17," he raps, after referencing Roberto Cavalli and "a convertible Masi." We were five feet from him at the Austin Bergstrom Airport yesterday: dude still looks good! He was also wearing the sickest watch in a 100-mile radius. It's not bragging if it's true, y'all.

Listen to Nas' "The Don" after the jump.

"The Don's" M.I.A.-esque beat, which revolves around a dancehall call-out of "New York City," also serves as a tribute to the late hip-hop great Heavy D, who died late last year. "Although he's onto another chapter, Heavy D gave this beat to Salaam [Remi] for me to rap to," Nas explains on the track, with Da Internz also contributing production.

Expect to hear more from the iconic MC soon: while we were hanging out at the airport, hours removed from his SXSW Illmatic set, he said he's "wrapping it up," it being a new album. Yup! You hear it first, people. (And by "hanging out," we mean, "trying really hard not to stare as dude sat across from us and drank an ice coffee with his crew." We totally failed.)

+ Listen to Nas' "The Don."

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