New Song: Ne-Yo Featuring Wiz Khalifa, ‘Don’t Make Em Like You’

Ne-Yo (with a little help from Wiz Khalifa) has found a one-of-a-kind girl on his latest track "Don't Make Em Like You."

Ne-Yo has always been a gentleman. I mean, why else would he keep such a large stable of fedoras? He ALSO only associates himself with the classiest of ladies, you know... independent-type girls. Now, Ne-Yo may have finally found the special woman he's been looking for on "Don't Make Em Like You," the third single off his forthcoming fifth album R.E.D. (no relation to Taylor Swift). We're keeping our fingers crossed for you, dude.

Listen to Ne-Yo featuring Wiz Khalifa's "Don't Make Em Like You" after the jump.

With a little help from daddy-to-be Wiz Khalifa, Ne-Yo sings to a lady he's impressed with: "Baby girl keep doin' you,  how you do/ I love the way you move/ They don't make em like you no more." Ne-Yo is holding out for the real thing, total good-guy stuff. And Wiz offers : "Ya'll see her?/ Got me like: Imma spend my whole life with you/ And make the perfect wife out you/ And now the mother of my kids." We wonder who he's talking about there? In any case, Ne-Yo is DEF a classy guy and deserves the same kind of treatment in a GF. Maybe we should re-examine some of our choices. Like, maybe we shouldn't have come to work in a soy-sauce stained shirt. But at least it's clean!

Listen to Ne-Yo featuring Wiz Khalifa's "Don't Make Em Like You."

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