New Song: Pitbull, ‘Back In Time’

When he cooled down after getting up close and personal in the latest issue of GQPitbull hit the studio to record, oh, you know, just the theme song to the new "Men In Black III" movie! Yes, the third installment of the movie that made Will Smith an alien-killing icon/embodied my youth.

Named "Back In Time," the kitschy dance track features a sample of the 1950s hit "Love Is Strange" by pop duo Mickey & Sylvia, but you might recognize the sample as the amazing song they played during the famous "spaghetti arms" scene in "Dirty Dancing." (Don't judge me -- we've all watched it at least 100 times.) Thanks to the sample, "Back In Time" kind of sounds like it's a country jig laid over a blazing hot dance beat, yet somehow it's completely perfect.

Listen to Pitbull's "Back In Time" after the jump.

On the track, Mr. Worldwide rhymes about Miami and the ever-so-chic "Men In Black" uniform: "Miami equals black mask, black clothes/ With a little bit of rope to tie, I flipped it/ Black suits, white shirts, black glasses with a matching tie/ Like Agent J or Agent K, and I wish the whole world would/ OK, I'm tryin' make a billion out of 15 cents." We respect the work ethic, dawg, but don't worry too much -- we're pretty sure the sales of your "Men In Black" soundtrack is gonna rake you in a pretty penny.

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