New Song: Rick Ross Featuring Usher, ‘Touch ‘N You’

A collaboration between Usher (the original panty dropper) and Rick Ross (the Teflon Don) seems like a match made in hip-hop heaven. And, surprise -- it is! Rick and Usher's collabo is titled "Touch 'N You," and it's a laid-back, sultry tune that boasts Rick's swagged-out rhymes and Usher's inimitable falsetto. Read: This is a nighttime-themed tune (IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT).

Listen to Rick Ross featuring Usher "Touch 'N You" after the jump. 

Rick opens the jam with his rhymes, and naturally he speaks to the toils of all the women who just want to use him for his giant piles of dough: "She kissing on me, biting on my bottom lip/ In the Galleria all I get is "Buy me this"/ Conversations on the phone until the break of dawn/ Combination to her home, I gotta make her moan." Can you blame a gal for wanting Rick to buy her the latest Celine bag, though?

Usher steps up next and sings about the luckiest chick in the universe a girl he's completely fixated on: "Been thinking 'bout you all day/ Still can't get my mind off your body/ I'm day dreaming 'bout, look how you turn me on, baby/ 'Cause nobody compares to your body." "Touch 'N You" will probably do great at radio, but mainly it exists to help us reconfirm what we already know: Rick Ross is an extremely rich badass and Usher can sleep with any girl in the world. Thanks for clearing that up, guys!

+ Listen to Rick Ross featuring Usher, "Touch 'N You." 

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