New Song: Rye Rye, ‘Boom Boom’

Rye Rye reimagined the Venga Boys on 'Boom Boom.' Because someone had to.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Rye Rye has just about the best taste in music ever. First, she sampled Robyn's hugely underrated single "Be Mine" and put it to impeccable use in her sweetly infectious hip-pop cut "Never Will Be Mine." Then she teamed up with Far East Movement for the irrepressible club bangah "Jello." That alone makes her the coolest chick on the block, right?

But now Baltimore's finest femcee is back with a brand-new track that reaches a previously inconceivable zenith of pop greatness: Rye Rye has taken Vengaboys' 1999 Eurohouse smash "Boom Boom Boom Boom" and re-created it as a contemporary radio confection, complete with layers of Atari blips and bloops alongside "Ay!" callouts evoking Usher's "Love In This Club." And did we mention that it reinterprets VENGABOYS?!

Listen to Rye Rye, "Boom Boom" after the jump.

Not that the chorus is the only amazing thing about the track, since we're equally smitten with Rye Rye's dizzyingly energetic and fiercely witty rhymes, all about courting the affections of a boy who she wants, well, in her room. "Like a video game, PS3/ Come on over, let's plug and play/ Every girl gotta freaky side of me, hey/ Who gives a f*** what they say?" she coos over the glitchy beat.

Clearly, Rye Rye was wise to heed Lana Del Rey's advice to "Go and play your video games" -- since it seems like those influences have inspired what may just be her glossiest, hippest song to date. Boom boom? If we must!

+ Listen to Rye Rye, "Boom Boom."

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