New Song: Sabi Featuring Wale, ‘Where They Do That At’

Listen to Sabi's Wale-assisted 'Where They Do That At.'

Sabi's been on a consistent roll of releasing banger after banger. Her latest Wale-assisted "Where They Do That At" is no exception. In the flirtatious record, the "Wild Heart" singer shows off her vulnerable side while showcasing her sultry vocals and lush three-part harmonies.

Listen to Sabi featuring Wale, "Where They Do That At" after the jump. 

Lyrically, Sabi's looking for some validation from her man who, in an effed-up twist of events, might potentially profess his love for her and then never return (WTF?): "Say you want me/ Then I want you to/ Say you need me/ Then I need you to/ Just don't say you miss me and never call back/ Where they do that at?" Right, where they do that at is the insane asylum because you've gotta be fully off your rocker to pass on a chick like Sabi. Thanks.

Wale is up next, and though his contribution is brief, it imbues the record with a serious dose of street cred: "Wale, they call me crazy/ Haters call me all the time/ The ladies call me crazy.../ Where they do that at?/I say where ever I be." Rumor has it that Sabi is currently in the studio with the likes of  Benny Blanco and Diplo (!!!), and if "Where They Do That At" is any indication, Sabi's debut album is gonna seriously kill. In a good way!

+ Listen to Sabi featuring Wale, "Where They Do That At."

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