New Song: Sean Kingston Featuring Cher Lloyd, ‘Rum And Raybans’

Sean Kingston and Cher Lloyd rage hard in their new song, "Rum And Raybans."

Sean Kingston has seriously been on his collaboration grind. First, he teams up with the gorgeous Meital Dohan on the futuristic song/video "On Ya," and now he's hooking up (in the musical sense) with another stunning pop songstress -- PUSH artist Cher Lloyd! Tough life, ain't it, Sean?

Listen to Sean Kingston featuring Cher Lloyd, 'Rum And Raybans" after the jump. 

Slated to appear on his upcoming Back 2 Life album, "Rum And Raybans" is (as you might expect from a party-loving dude like Sean) a radio-ready and perfectly polished pop club banger. Sean dominates the verse, while the "Oath" singer lends her vocals to the bridge. They're both preaching the same message: Rum and sunglasses are all you need to have the best time ever! "Step into me casa me casa/ Take a peek, boy I know you want it/ We can dance all night long until the morn/ With nothing but our shades on." And here I thought I needed unlimited bottle service and the latest pair of Louboutins to have a great time at da club, but nope! All I need to achieve the the good life is some cheap rum and a pair of shades off the street. (But preferably a snaz pair of store-bought Tom Cruise-esque "Risky Business" Ray-Ban sunnies, thankyouverymuch.) SIGN ME UP.

Listen to Sean Kingston featuring Cher Lloyd, 'Rum And Raybans."

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