New Song: Sean Paul Featuring Pitbull, ‘She Doesn’t Mind (Remix)’

Listen to Sean Paul and Pitbull's new song 'She Doesn't Mind (Remix).'

Seems about time that party peeps Sean Paul and Pitbull would hop aboard the collaboration train. The two powerhouses joined forces on a sultry dance jam, "She Doesn't Mind (Remix)." As you might expect, the song has some seriously caliente Latin influence courtesy of Pitbull, as well as some Jamaican undertones courtesy of Sean Paul. In short, if you can't afford a vacay this year, just whip yourself up a fruity cocktail, throw on your bikini and put this song on repeat. Boom, done.

Sean Paul opens the song, and in his unmistakable vocals he tells a chick he wants to hook up with that it's totally OK she's not his girlfriend: "Girl, I got you so high/ And I know you like/ So come on push it on me/ If it feels alright/ Put it, drop it low and break it off/ No, she doesn't mind/ Aight, she doesn't mind, aight, she doesn't mind." 'Kay, we don't love the cheating scenario, but at least the dude is up-front, right? Honesty is always the best policy.

Listen to Sean Paul's "She Doesn't Mind (Remix)," featuring Pitbull, after the jump.

Pitbull goes in hard on his verse and raps less about hooking up with chicks and more about how hard it was for him to get a record deal: "It's Mr. WW and Sean Paul/ Big dogs, for sure/ I'm from the city where they hustin,' hustlin,' hustlin,' Rick Ross/ Blood, sweat, tears/ Just to eat a meal/ So I crawl, walk, ran and I got a deal." While we're not sure what the two verses have to do with each other, we are sure that this is guaranteed banger that'll find a comfy niche up in da club. That, and it's the best song ever for your upcoming tropical-themed staycation!

+ Listen to Sean Paul featuring Pitbull, "She Doesn't Mind (Remix)."

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