New Song: Sky Ferreira, ‘Red Lips’

Sky Ferreira blows us away with her 'Red Lips.'

We love pretty much everything about Sky Ferreira. We love her enormous voice, which can go from haunting and ethereal to growling and ferocious with extraordinary ease. We love her it-girl style (um, hi, just try to keep up with her at Paris Fashion Week). And of course, we love the fact that everything she records, from the crashing teen-angst battle cry of "17" to the twinkly electropop of "One," is solid pop gold.

Listen to Sky Ferreria's "Red Lips" below.

Her latest track (which premiered last month in a Terry Richardson-directed video but dropped officially on iTunes just yesterday) comes by way of a serious pedigree. Produced by pop architect Greg Kurstin (Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)," anyone?) and penned by Garbage's Shirley Manson (who needs no introduction -- um, LEGEND), Sky's latest entry, "Red Lips," is a snarling, prowling rock ditty that sounds like, well, Sky Ferreira teaming up with Garbage. Dissonant guitar leads into a thunderous riff with Sky singing in a sinister call, "Such a big girl, such big news/ Such a big talk/ Your number is up if you like it or not/ What a shock."

If you're hesitant to hear Sky sound this aggressive, rest assured that it actually suits her as well as pretty much everything else has thus far. After experimenting with a number of different sounds, pop's favorite alt-chanteuse may have finally found her voice.

+ Listen to Sky Ferreira's "Red Lips."

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