New Song: T.I., ‘Love This Life’

T.I. fans, rejoice! Your boy is coming out with his EIGHTH studio album, Trouble Man, and today we've got all the juice on his debut single, "Love This Life." Set to a bass-heavy track filled with live drums, "Love This Life" was produced by Mars of 1500 or Nothin, and speaks to how important it is to savor the life you have: "You know you love this life, don't nobody do you like me." But T.I. doesn't pretend to ignore some of life's most important joys -- couture dresses (he soooo gets women) and nice cars: "Cavalli dress and high heels/ And drop tops on hot wheels/ We live how we wanna live 'cause we got mils/ Dem other belly, belly buy hot wheels/ In V.I.P. dem bottle popping do it B.I.G./ Come get with T.I.P. and be balling til you D.I.E." Um, I'd be more than willing to ball till I die, so if there's any more room in your entourage or whatever, sign a sister up.

Listen to T.I.'s "Love This Life" after the jump.

Speaking of balling out, in addition to recording "Love This Life" and other tracks slated to appear on his forthcoming Trouble Man, T.I.'s been busy filming his hit VH1 reality show, "T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle." He's also the founder of the popular clothing line Akoo. We're pretty sure that's the definition of balling till you die -- I want IN!

+ Listen to T.I.'s "Love This Life."

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