New Song: Taylor Swift, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble.’

Taylor Swift fell for the bad boy in "I Knew You Were Trouble."

Even though we have to wait until Oct. 22 to hear Taylor Swift's Red in full (P.S. the track list is off the chain!), the professional self-photo-taker isn't finished giving fans a preview of what's to come. First, we heard Taylor's bouncy breakup anthem "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," then the sensitive ballad "Begin Again," her true-to-form country pop tune "Red," and now she's released the dubstep-tinged song "I Knew You Were Trouble." And yes, you heard us 100 percent correctly: Taylor Swift's got a hint of dubstep on her new record. Betcha didn't see that one coming, did you?

Listen to Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble." after the jump.

Usually when Taylor gets pissed, she demolishes her victims with powerful guitar chords and clever wordplay (see: "Mean"), but "I Knew You Were Trouble." takes a slightly different track. Cowritten by Taylor, Max Martin, and Shellback, while the the song's verse may have hints of Taylor's former country cutie self, she brings out the big guns via a grimy, a hazy dubstep vibe on the hook: "I knew you were trouble when you walked in/ Shame on me now/ Flew me to places I'd never been/ 'Til you put me down/ I knew you were trouble when you walked in/ Shame on me now/ Flew me to places I'd never been/ Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground/ Oh, trouble, trouble, trouble." Damn, yo.

Taylor recently stopped by "Good Morning America" to give fans the 411 on the new record: "It's a song that's one of my favorite songs on the album because it sounds just as chaotic as the feeling was when I wrote it. It's a song about kind of being frustrated with yourself because you have your heart broken and you knew when you first saw that person you saw all these red flags and you just went for it, shame on me." Yeah, preeeeetty sure we won't be seeing any floral or sparkly dresses in the "I Knew You Were Trouble" music video. Just a guess, though.

+ Listen to Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble."

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